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Almost all the businesses have been demanding precise calculations, concise arrangements and everything that provides access to reliable accounting practices. It has been a decade when the last time businesses used to be dependent upon conventional methods. After the innovation of QuickBooks, suddenly the trades and businesses that used to be quite traditionally handled, were managed using new tactics and practices. Refer to QuickBooks Support for a detailed description of this sophisticated pursuit. This software is very advantageous regarding the business sector and covers a wide range of areas that are required for any and every professional sector. Some of the best features of this software cum application are listed below.

QuickBooks Support

Features of Quickbooks which make it Best Accounting Software  

  • QuickBooks offers a variety of functions that guarantee the organization capabilities and capacities to get more and better platform to make the business better than ever.
  • This provides advantages via different functionality offering versions that have come up as the updated versions and developed the changed features that are mostly required by the changing market standards. 
  • Efficient accounting and practices that keep track of the trends in the ongoing business are probably one of the most sought-after features.
  • Management of T-sheets and successful importing of the excel files and documents over a network of many people has been enabled in the recently updated versions of QuickBooks. 
  • Profit and loss reporting is also provided as the users might need a snapshot of the expenses spent and might require to track down how much they either lost or gained. 
  • When it comes to the guidance of the users regarding various matters in business, no other software or utility can be good as QuickBooks.
  • Automated reports are generated by this software provided the details are mentioned by the users. 
  • Invoice management and tracking is possible via various features enabled on the interface of this software.
  • The interface of this software is dedicated to the user and is user-specific. This implies that the users can easily communicate with the interface and get the punctual and reliable solutions to the problems.
  • This software is constantly updated and most of the new versions coming up are well-teamed and updated with the market standards. 
  • Payments have been made easier. Now, sending or receiving payments is no longer a problem as it has been made possible to transfer the money online with QuickBooks. 
  • For small problems and others of the minority, one can always refer to the online helpdesk for the counselling and help of the users.
  • The payments made or received on the platform of QuickBooks are safer and trustworthy processes are involved in the transferring of them. 
  • The recent versions of QuickBooks are well-established and in accordance with the rules and regulations coming. 
  • The data shared over this platform and files imported are actually safer and sound than most of them commonly operated for the purpose and trusted. 
  • This software works on multiple levels.These are actually the requirements of the market and that are constantly upgraded. The various versions of this software that are upcoming and recent are useful in coping with responsibilities, all at once. 

These are some features that highlight the importance and utility of QuickBooks. However, the entire functionality and utility of this software is hard to be explained in just a few words. Hence, the users need to have a conversation with the experts and customer care executives who are involved in the doubts’ resolution of the users . It is possible to talk to them via QuickBooks Support Number. 


Different versions of QuickBooks 

QuickBooks is a multi-tasking software cum application that deals with multiple requirements of business handling and management. This comes in a variety of other versions that have taken over the conventional methods, all due to the constant up-gradation and preferences. These are the different versions of this software:

QuickBooks Pro 
quickbooks pro support

  • This brings all your income based records and other responsibilities in a line. 
  • You can add multiple attachments at the same time and enjoy the simultaneous transferring and receiving of the important documents and files over a network. 
  • There is an access to the customized email templates and the multiple attachment feature makes it easier. 
  • The user can view all the banking transactions as there is a record of the important transactions that went on. 
  • In case the check gets bounced, there is a facility to view the bounced check too. 
  • The customer forms are quite simplified to allow easier filling and fulfillment of responsibilities
  • The information about the customer, employee and vendor is easily stored. 
  • The customer can see the key reports in just one click and track the expenses done and carried. 
  • It is easier to create payslips and other forms using this application rather than most of the other platforms. 
  • The ease of navigation and retrieval of the customer’s information makes easier to access the documents through the lead and documentation center. 
  • The connectivity from other search engines namely Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail enables the invoice estimates to be transferred over a network.
  • Worksheet formatting is relatively easier and exporting of files is easier than most of the other platforms. 
  • Efficient tracking of the sales, sales taxes and the payments made and payments received by the clients. 
  • You can download the debit card, credit card and other transactions
  • There is an advantage of three users using this system as a time 
  • The users can download or save a copy of the important accountant report 
  • Successful importing activity from Quicken, Excel, Microsoft Office Accounting and other versions that used to be the older versions of QuickBooks. 

These features of the Pro version are quite centered and focused towards bringing synchronization and activity in the system. Eventually, these features lead to some advantages that are best covered in the points mentioned below: 

  • The sole purpose at that time was only to cope with the accounting problems and avail spontaneous help. This version however, was successful in handling the tasks concerned with the clients and managers. 
  • Moreover, this version is suited to managing all sorts of banking tasks and a professional software that covers almost all the important details covered in a business. 
  • Through the One-time multi-user license, one can easily subscribe to the upcoming updates and get notified about any upcoming updates that might be related to any special offer or discount. 
  • For those users who have subscribed to this package, upgradation to more sophisticated and pro plan, without paying any extra fees. 


QuickBooks Premier 
quickbooks premier support

Switching over to the next version of QuickBooks, now let’s discuss about the QuickBooks Premier. This version is comprised of the features that are an addition of the inbuilt and some updated versions. The remarkable features of the Premier version are:

  • Being the second version of the QuickBooks software, QuickBooks Premier version implies that there are several features related to the on-premises solutions. 
  • The users can get enhanced features and assistance in the features such as the printing of checks, online payments of bills and receiving the bills.
  • This pursuit offers various features that enable the users to have access to the various aiding features such as the tracking of sales, making payments and taxes calculations.
  • Payrolls being an extremely part of any organization or business needs huge amount of handling care associated with it. The users can easily get over most of the payroll complications and other requirements. 
  • Building business-friendly strategies comes easier with most of the versions of QuickBooks. 
  • This versions consists of many features, most of which have been deliberately included in it and most of them having been derived from the prior (the Pro) version. 
  • QuickBooks Premier is all set to conquer the fields related to the various other industrial sectors.
  • The Premier version helps in the business affairs related to the other sectors that deal with utterly different fields, such as:
  • Contractor
  • Non-profit
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale 
  • Professional services  

These are the sub-versions or the sectors that are covered by the Premier version. The basic aim behind the development of these sub-versions or divisions is to cover every industry or domain that is an essential component of every trade and business sector. Moving on to more features and important characteristics of this version, they are being enlisted below: 

  • Inbuilt or pre-built reports, customized terminologies and navigators are available for each and every industry
  • The information of the users can be tracked and optimized for the later uses. 
  • It is comparatively easier to track expenses by the various users and people within the organization 
  • Moreover, it gets easier to import and export contacts to the lists wherever required
  • Business forecasting, reporting, tracking and invoice management are possible by the features that were initially available in this versions and now, they have just updated and reached another level of safety.
  • Inventory tracking is a great help in keeping track of the items ordered, listed and actually dispatched. This reduces the human requirement to input tonnes of efforts in the manual recording of the orders placed and actually received. 
  • Through the one-time payment or annual subscription, users can enjoy all the features and also can get access to cost-friendly or budget-friendly updates that are really in favor of free updates and upgrades

Now, let’s move on towards another versions of QuickBooks. The versions that have been discussed previously are quite basic in nature. Since they were developed in the times when the need to manage businesses was confined to good accounting and other very basic things. To know more about the developments or any other sessions concerned with QuickBooks, feel free to access the QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

QuickBooks Payroll 

quickbooks payroll support

  • QuickBooks Payroll is the version that can be used both online and offline. This is better known as the Desktop version and Online version. The online one is preferable when one has:
  • A small organization with meagre requirements without having any access to the remote access. 
  • The need for the offline or the Desktop version comes when the organization or the business setup is working at a large level. 
  • QuickBooks Payroll comes in three sub-versions that are the
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Standard
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced 
  • The utility of all these sub-versions is dependent upon what platforms are they operated on.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic is required when the user needs the following things:
  • Tracking paychecks, creating them and distributing online payments to the employees or vendors.
  • However, those who are involved in this business can create their business forms easily with the help of this software.
  • A paid subscription can fetch you the 30 days free running or the 50% off for some limited time of usage.
  • Now, the QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll is used during the following requirements:
  • It is a full-service payroll that is useful to the owners of small businesses who need to outsource their businesses.
  • The employers can enter the working hours of the employees and can estimate their productivity.
  • This further helps in the distribution of wages or salary to workers and employees, as per their working statistics. 
  • Upon entering the hours and other details, the businessmen are provided crucial and required data.
  • They can get instant reports and track the important details of the business
  • Instant paychecks, direct deposit slips, payroll tax firms and remit payroll tax deposits are easily generated with the help of this great accounting software. 
  • The payroll tax returns gained by this software are quite easier and most of the times, they are ensured to be on time. 
  • Like the basic version, once you pay the complete subscription amount, you can enjoy 50% off on the package or choose to go free for the first 30 days of availing the subscription itself.

    Now, the features of the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced are being described in the following points:

  • This version provides access to the inbuilt function of managing payrolls as the other versions offer.
  • It also creates paychecks, generates direct deposit slips and calculates the payroll taxes associated.
  • The added advantage is the preparation of the electronic state forms and others such as the 940, 941 and W-2 forms. 


QuickBooks Enterprise 

quickbooks enterprise support
The next version is the
QuickBooks Enterprise. It is used to replace or substitute the software utilities that are necessary for the Enterprise Resource Planning of an organization. It is developed to maintain the planning and implementation in an organization. Check out the features that make it worth mentioning:


  • QuickBooks Enterprise is the version that is used to reduce human needs and complications that are related to the management and working of any institute. That is this version is all about coping with the requirements.
  • With basic uses such as accounting, paychecks assembling, billing, reporting in an automated manner, creating invoices and others, the focus of this version is to care for the businesses that are in their growing stages. 
  • It is a sophisticated platform to integrate all the inbuilt requirements with the advanced ways of dealing or coping with the inventory practices.
  • It covers all the major components of the industry such as the construction sector, Manufacturing, retail, wholesale and non-profit sector.
  • Added advantage is the spacious interface with space for multiple data entry and consolidation set up in the interface as is found in most others products that enhance the users’ business credibility.
  • This is for the entry-level platforms and the other mid-sized businesses. 
  • Due to the ease of navigation and simplified language, it is easier to keep an eye upon the updates and every detail required.
  • This package consists of multiple features combined into one namely, the Reporting and finances, Sales and customers, payroll and employees, purchasing and vendors.
  • This is an on-premises version of QuickBooks. However, there is a medium to take it to the field via the cloud option. This version covers most of the help and features for the following industrial sectors and components namely,
  • Contractor
  • Non-profit
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale 
  • Professional services  


  • The reporting of the business and other insights are easily available.There is an easy way of management of the finances concerned with the business. 
  • Reports from the various company files can be combined into one that can be useful in the retrieval of data.
  • Creating professional statements with no extra cost included that too at a low price, is probably other best feature that this version has got to offer 
  • In case, you have not been able to have a glance at the invoices and bills, the collection center or forum in this software allows you to have a glance of the invoices.
  • This version helps you to track down the expenses included in a particular task and also, allows you to pay all the bills automatically.
  • Your transactions are automatically downloaded into QuickBooks. It serves as a reservoir or the resource for the future where you might actually need to retrieve all these sources of information later.  
  • There is no associated headache of the associated tax tables as most of them are prepared on time. 
  • Apart from the preparation of the tax tables, tax forms are easily prepared and also, this software remembers the time when the taxes have to be imposed. 

The user-role permissions have become an important part for the management of the practices that are required to be done in order to keep up with the vendors. They are as follows:

  • The price level list can be fortified with the prices upto 750 different price lists. This proves to be very advantageous for the vendor. 
  • Customer Snapshot can be used to identify and mark the customers who need to be on priority. 
  • This can help in sending the sales orders, invoices and estimates. 
  • You can also include foreign currencies if you are need to make or receive payments in the foreign regions. Thus, it helps in eliminating the entire barriers. 

QuickBooks Accountant 

The next version of QuickBooks is the QuickBooks Accountant. It is well indicated by the name itself that there is some insight about the accounting tasks. This version contributes a lot to working apart from the basic management features: 

  • You can create multiple documents and files that are required to get information in the future.
  • There are numerous condense features that help in getting the files compressed and therefore the work optimized to the right size. 
  • Calendar view helps in viewing the important tasks that are scheduled to be carried out later.
  • The Lead center takes care of the new and existing leads to track the leads that need to be generated and are currently existing.
  • There are batched timesheets for multiple employees that keep track of the important timely tasks carried by the employees

    QuickBooks Point of Sale 

  • This is an online or on premises pursuit to get service when one wants to know about the business progress.
  • Unlike the other versions, this version is all about the business at all levels, comprising of the business at the small, mid and large level. 
  • This is essential if the user wants an additional advantage of receiving and sending online payments via the credit card and the other convenient platforms.
  • Inventory management and customer management can be easily done with this one  version.
  • Barcode scanning, receipt printing and customer management can be done with this software. 
  • This POS saves your time that is lost while making online payments with most of the systems via credit card and most other modes of payment. 
  • The information about the inventory and other important updates are automatically incorporated in the system without you requiring to feed or enter the updated details manually.  
  • Customer history is recorded and retrieved for later access. This protects the users from getting into the dangers of running out of the important information and stocks when it is later required in the future. 
  • The processing of credit cards is relatively easier and convenient as compared to most of the other ones. 
  • Inventory classification, management, transfers and matrix are quite easier and accessible to the users. 
  • The purchase history, receipts, exchange offers, refunds, returns and discounts are easy to be carried with this software.
  • Through the features like the Customer Information Database, the information of the desired customer can be easily retrieved later and used for the required purposes.
  • This enables the advantage of global connectivity and hence, ensures that the users have access to the trade at the global level.
  • The users can sell and purchase at the international level without actually getting into trouble regarding the foreign currency, transferring problems and others.
  • This is functional not only on desktop or PCs, but also offers the same features with functionality on the tablet devices too.
  • To avoid the confusion and navigation problem, one can easily use the dashboard.
  • Employee management is easier than ever with the help of this version 
  • The information concerned with the user is quite well-accessible and mentors the payroll tasks . Moreover, if there is a need to communicate with the employees, groups can be created.
  • The management of orders that are purchased and received gives an insight into the most.
  • The details of the orders made are automatically filled.
  • The QuickBooks POS Cloud is an advanced way of managing inventory and other things better. 
  • This provides a better connectivity with the sales stores located remotely and keeps the related data organized.
  • Get a free trial and more details about accessing these features with the help of the experts at QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number. 

Quickbooks Common Errors Resolved by QuickBooks  Tech Support Team

QuickBooks is a versatile and a well-known accounting software with a number of advantages. Since nothing can exist without flaws, the users might have to suffer from a number of glitches and issues. The common issues in it can be:

  • QuickBooks Error 6000: This error can occur at various occasions when the user tries to open, backup and restore the company files. 
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 77: This error is seen by the user while trying to access company files that are stored on the other media 
  • QuickBooks Error 6000 80: The user gets to see this error when he tries to open the damaged files 
  • QuickBooks Error 6123: The QuickBooks user might get to see this error as a result of opening a company file over a network where many people are involved or when the restoration/ backup process is going on the network.
  • QuickBooks Error 6150: This error always occurs if the user is trying to get access to a file by opening it while the other files are running on the QuickBooks application 
  • QuickBooks Error 6143: This error is produced or caused in the system via the presence of highly corrupted entries and damaged files in the system 
  • QuickBooks Error 6130: While the reconciliation of an account or making similar account tasks, this error is caused and the user fails to log in to his user account 
  • QuickBooks Error 6147: This error occurs when the user tries to access the company file that is either not completely updated or ongoing the backup procedure in the system.

There are more problems that can occur while working on QuickBooks. Refer to the QuickBooks Tech Support for accurate analysis and assistance. Now, the resolution of these errors and others in QuickBooks is not an easier task. Hence, one needs to be aware of certain steps that can be performed to get these problems away from them:

  • Check if the QuickBooks version you are using is updated or not.
  • You can use the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool to get over the installation problems. 
  • There could be a conflict among various programs running on your computer. Close all the programs that are conflicting with each other. 
  • Use QuickBooks File Doctor to mend operations that are required to verify and correct the QuickBooks company files.
  • Update the existing version of QuickBooks if it is too outdated.
  • Make sure your system is using an updated version of the operating system 
  • Clean your system and eliminate the junk files.
  • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the current version of QuickBooks for the upgradation purposes.
  • Check the validity of your QuickBooks subscription license. Renew your subscription immediately if it has expired. 

Reasons to Dial our Quickbooks  Technical Support Phone Number


These are some steps that you can follow for most of the common errors occurring with the QuickBooks interface. However, there might not be an assurance of the solutions even after careful execution of these steps. It is thus better and advisable to get in touch with the experts who have served millions of customers. These are the advantages of connecting with them:

  • 24*7 solutions to queries and reliable methods for solving the problems 
  • Counselling with experienced panel of executives 
  • Discussion with the experts regarding instantaneous solutions 
  • Research and analysis of the customer’s problems 
  • The team prepares standard reasons to match the requirements 

The services are worth connecting. There is much more than the points described above. Besides solutions, there are a number of guidelines and instructions that are given by the willing team of experts to the concerned users. Hence, consider availing the assistance at QuickBooks Customer Support Number for best solutions and counselling regarding the concerns that distract the users working on QuickBooks.  


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